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Experts at Fort Valley State University Gives Information on COVID-19 Vaccines

Fort Valley, GEORGIA ( KBTV) – Approximately 250,000 vaccines have been distributed across the United States.

Many of which individuals are receiving their second dose. The goal is to get many Americans as possible to get vaccinated, but many are unsure if its safe. While most citizens may look to professionals in high authority, Fort Valley State University has experts that are just as helpful.

Dr. Gregory Ford, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Fort Valley State University says that patients should not be worried when going to receive their COVID-19 vaccines. “Vaccines help prepare your body before you have another attack,” Ford says. He encourages locals to get vaccinated sooner than possible before any more factors that are linked to the COVID virus come into place.

Dr. Felicia Jefferson, Biology professor and chair of Health Equity COVID-19 Community Partnership, gave the advice to refrain from any vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson, that only offers one dose. “The first injection only put your body at a 50% chance of fighting off the virus. Following the second ejection the body will create a flew of antibodies that will remain in long-term memory,” Jefferson explains. Dr. Jefferson says taking the COVID-19 vaccine holds no difference from any vaccines that were offered throughout childhood. She also adds that the risk if not taking the vaccine is significantly higher.

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