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Pediatric patients can now receive virtual care from home

MACON, Georgia (KBTV)- For the last year, patients diagnosed with COVID-19 have been able to receive hospital-level treatment in the comfort of their own homes thanks to Atrium Health Navicent’s innovative virtual Hospital at Home COVID Monitoring Program.

The program, which is designed to protect the patient’s health, the health of others, and prevent further spread of the virus, has now expanded to include pediatric patients and pediatric diabetes patients providing equal access to care to all children.

Pediatric patients are referred from the inpatient and emergency room settings at Atrium Health Navicent Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital. Hospital at Home is currently accepting patients aged 17 and younger who have received either a COVID-19 or new diabetes diagnosis, and who meet certain criteria.

Patients referred to the Hospital at Home program must have telephone access. For both COVID-19 and newly diagnosed diabetes patients, at home caregivers monitor and log the pediatric patient’s vital signs and participate in check-in calls with a care team which includes a pediatrician. a pediatric nurse practitioner and a pediatric nurse. The patient’s parent or guardian may also access a 24/7 support line for any questions about their child’s health.

Through the virtual care delivery system, care providers can spot any trends or worsening symptoms and provide early intervention, if needed, before an emergency occurs. For pediatric diabetes patients, Hospital at Home helps bridge the gap between the time when a child is discharged from
the hospital with a new diabetes diagnosis until when they establish care with a pediatric endocrinologist. The program allows parents and guardians to receive assistance monitoring the child’s blood sudar levels, diet and insulin usage, and to prevent potential complications that could lead to readmission to the hospital.

Atrium Health Navicent Chief Medical Officer Patrice Walker says, “Hospital at Home is just one more way that Atrium Health Navicent is innovating for the future and working to improve
access to high quality health care. Using this program, qualifying patients can recover and receive monitoring from the comfort of home, hopefully preventing the need for, or shortening, an in-person hospital stay. In the future, we hope to add qualifying diagnoses to allow more children equal access to care.”

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