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Bibb deputy arrested and fired

MACON, Georgia (KBTV) – A Bibb County Deputy was arrested and fired Thursday.

According to a media release, Deputy Jayson Guidry, who is assigned to the patrol division was arrested and charged with Theft by Taking (Felony) and Violation of Oath of Office. This comes after an incident happened on May 30, 2021 when Guidry responded to a motor accident and removed items from the vehicle. The driver reported he did not receive all of his belongings back from the vehicle that was removed by Guidry.

Arrest warrants stated Guidry removed a wallet, cellphone, and a handgun from the vehicle while working the accident. Guidry returned all items except the handgun to the wife of the driver. The wife asked where was the gun and Guidry responded, “what pistol?” Investigators later found the handgun inside of Guidry’s patrol vehicle. He was taken into custody.

Internal Affairs Investigators also conducted an internal investigation on Guidry. He was found to be in violation of the following policies of the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office; Code of Ethics, Violation of Rules, Unbecoming Conduct and Conformance to Laws . Guidry was terminated as an employee with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office by Sheriff David Davis. Guidry is being held without bond.

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