What’s happening Weekend

What’s happening weekend: gym owner brings positive energy to fitness room, Tamela Mann talks about busy career on “StreeTea,” KBTV kicks off “TicklemeThursdayswithTluv”

MACON, Georgia (KBTV) – A gym owner opened up his doors in July 2021 with hopes of helping people transfer their negative energy into positive energy through exercise.

TaVoris Horton was born and raised in Macon and says often times people deal with stress and possibly make wrong decisions because of that. He believes if he can get people in the gym and cater to healthier habits, it can lead to positivity.

Horton owns “Oxfit” that sits right in downtown Macon. The gym is open 6 days a week and includes 30 minute sessions based on clients needs. For pricing and membership, search “Oxfit” on Instagram.

Actress and songwriter, Tamela Mann, appeared on “StreeTea.” StreeTea host, RollwithRoyce, interviewed Mann about her new album, clothing line, and leading roles on the big screen. Click here to watch the full interview: https://youtu.be/d-9TUHdKMHU

Check out “TickleMeThursdayswithTLuv” only on Karli Bee TV! Comedian TLuv brings you some of the funniest moments every 1st Thursday of the month! The upcoming comedian from middle Georgia partnered with KarliBee TV to reach a bigger audience and give other upcoming comedians a chance to showcase their talents. Todd Davis, also known as TLUV hosts various events and is a people person. He and KBTV plans to bring “the people”good laughs and free spirits as the movement continues. For bookings or submissions, please feel free to send a DM or just hashtag us at: #ticklemethursdays #TLuv #myjokesmatter #karlibeetv

Find “TicklemeThursdays” on Facebook At TicklemeThursdayswithTluv, TikTok at “TicklemeThursdays” and on Instagram at “tmttluv.”

To watch the what’s happening weekend segment, click here: https://youtu.be/oghef14nwsU

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