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Bonaire Elementary School Wins Award for their Fitness Program

HOUSTON COUNTY, Georgia (KBTV)- Bonaire Elementary School has been named a 2021 recipient for the School Bell Award from the Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals (GAESP)for their Bonaire Fitness Fair program.

The program started helps focus on physical activity. I’m 2018, businesses and gyms have came to speak on topics such as nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle. Students get to participate in activities like yoga, obstacle courses, martial arts and running.

Meghan McCranie a physical education teacher at Bonaire Elementary School says “The Bonaire Fitness Fair allowed our supportive community to partner with our students in uncharted ways” and  “This event has grown student confidence, encouraged community involvement, and has fostered conversations for parents and children that may not have previously been the norm for them.”

McCranie says support from middle Georgia businesses made the event a huge success. She added, “Students who had difficulty sitting still found themselves in a yoga studio being aware of their thoughts and their breathing. Children who had only seen martial arts on media platforms were performing sequences of intentional body movements. Kids who never had an interest in organized sports were fully involved in a kicking game, similar to soccer, but in ways that made them successful at their current skill level.”

Bonaire Elementary School will receive their award at the GAESP Fall Conference in October.

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