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15 people arrested for panhandling in Bibb County

MACON, Georgia (KBTV) – Fifteen people have been arrested for panhandling, illegal solicitation and increased littering.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) and the Macon-Bibb County Municipal Court collaborated to form ‘Operation Clean Corners.’ This operation targets illegal solicitation at local intersections and streets. Prior to the arrests, members of the SRT deputies visited different locations to warn the individuals and inform them of the county ordinance which forbids solicitation and panhandling. They ignored the warnings, which led to arrests.

Out of the fifteen arrested, ten are being charged with solicitation and panhandling and the other five are charged with other offenses. Three had outstanding warrants in Bibb County with charges that ranged from theft by taking, possession of tools during the commission of a crime, criminal trespass, theft by conversion and driving while license suspended. Two others had outstanding warrants out of Houston County and Twiggs County.

Bibb Sheriff David Davis said, “We are putting panhandlers on notice that their roadside solicitations are not welcomed in our community and that there will be consequences when they continue. In addition, giving money to panhandlers encourages more panhandling; so, we ask that those who want to give donate to, or volunteer for, one of the community organizations dedicated to assisting persons in need.”

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office says over the past few months, the sheriff’s office received complaints of panhandlers at intersections acting in a persistent and aggressive manner, including interfering with traffic. While monitoring the panhandlers, deputies discovered that many of them worked in shifts and coordinated their activities with each other. Several were found not to be homeless but were living in local hotels from which they went to their chosen location to solicit money from travelers.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office also says more warnings and arrests are forthcoming in an effort to reduce the panhandling.

Those arrested during Operation Clean Corners  are listed below :


59-year-old Emanuel Thompson Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling

47-year-old  Lisa Hope Haslem                Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling


53-year-old   Jesse James Lucas               Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling


35-year-old   Roscoe Lee Pedro                Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling


47-year-old   James Barkley Jr.                Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling


27-year-old   Qwanisha Bryant                Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling


60-year-old   Delois Jackson                     Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling


64-year-old   Wayne Davis                        Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling


62-year-old   Lewis Johnson                     Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling


41-year-old  Corey Allen Fish                    Charges: Solicitation/ Panhandling


54-year-old  Callie Ann Allison                  Charges: (Warrant served) Driving while license suspended


63-year-old Charles Keith Thomason     Charges: (Warrant Served) Theft by Conversion


53-year-old Cass Gregory Blackshear      Charges:(Warrants Served) Theft By Taking, Possession of tools during the commission of a crime, Criminal Trespass


59-year-old Robert William Nichols        Charges: (Warrant Served Houston County) Theft By Taking


44-year-old Matthew Aaron Godwin Charges: (Warrants served Twiggs County) Violation Of Probation

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