Macon church hosts community service in honor of MLK Day


MACON, Georgia (KBTV) – People across the globe celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday.

One middle Georgia church hosted its annual “Day of Service” where many gathered and shared love.

Attendee, Gwendolyn Byrd says, “I’m so happy that people are still recognizing and celebrating Dr. King, because it seems like it was fading there for a while.”

From live music and entertainment, Byrd says she’s happy to see familiar faces.

“We are able to come outside again. That’s a good thing. A lot of what Dr. King talked about way back in the in the 60s is some things that we need to be talking about now,” Byrd adds.

Visitors like Brian Thornton wants youth to be aware of King’s legacy.

“The music and the.. you know, the bouncy house and the video game.. truck.. Is definitely a way to draw them out.. but as long as they get a powerful message back in return.. then that’s all that that’s all that counts for it,” Thornton says.

Byrd is happy the community is back together, but she’s still concerned.

“There’s so much violence in our neighborhoods and I think that.. we ourselves as black people have forgotten that black lives matter,” Byrd adds.

No matter the content of their character or the color of their skin, this Pleasant Hill community will continue Dr. King’s dream.

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  1. Such a great article to Celebrate Dr. Martain Luther King 🤴 Day! Ms. Byrd’s comment was to assure us that the legacy continues to live in the hearts of future generations!!! MLK gave his life for all race of people!!! We should open our hearts to give to humanity what God has blessed us with to serve mankind!


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