Houston County local

Houston County employee goes national

HOUSTON COUNTY, Georgia (KBTV) – Matt Arthur elementary school is taking nutrition to the next level!

Pamela Heesh, food assistant at the school, has been awarded the Southeast region Employee of the year by the national School Nutrition Association program.

The non-profit recognizes nutrition employees who are going above and beyond to promote healthy eating while serving students.Heesh is known for her nutritional hugs and healthy smile in the cafeteria, daily.

Students at the school refer to her as a friend, mentor, and supporter. During the holidays, she extends her enthusiasm through decorations and costumes that gives students a “jolly” perspective on their meals. Most importantly, student look forward to seeing what delicious foods Heesh has serving up in the cafeteria.

Beyond the students, she is a great team player to her coworkers. She is helpful in the kitchen and to parents who share questions about their children’s diets. SNA President Lori Adkins said Pamela Heesh is making a positive impact everywhere she goes.

“Her dedication to her co-workers is evident, but the care and compassion she shows her students truly makes her an inspiration…” The Employee of the Year award recognizes remarkable student nutrition employees who are influencing the quality of school meals through service, cooperation and attendance.

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