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Tattnall Square Pickleball and Tennis Center named ‘Facility of the Year’

MACON, Georgia (KBTV) – The Tattnall Square Pickleball and Tennis Center has been named Facility of the Year for 2021 by the Georgia Pickleball Association (GPA).

This marks the first time ever they have given out this award.The 17-court Center was recognized at a state level compared to more than 20 other centers.

“It’s just the destination spot for pickleball in Georgia,” said President of the Georgia Pickleball Association Mark Spackman. “The community we have down here is filled with people who are so welcoming. Then there are all the great places to hangout in Macon while we are here. We had a lot of places that we went to this year and Macon was definitively our favorite destination.”

“We really couldn’t have made this possible if it were not for the Macon Pickleball Association and our County leaders. The investment made into this facility is a win-win for everyone,” said Pickleball and Tennis Manager Bobby Walker. “Players get quality courts to play on and this attracts more people to come check out what Macon-Bibb has to offer as far as restaurants, bars, shopping, and entertainment. We are so excited to have been recognized by the GPA and hoping this will bring even more people into our community.”

GPA is planning to host more state tournaments this year, including the Macon Love Valentines Tournament in February, Pinkest Pickleball Party on the Planet in March, and the State Championship in November. For more information on The Tattnall Square Pickleball and Tennis Center you can contact 478-216-5909.

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